Is Purpose the Ultimate Motivator?

On a cold, dark, rainy morning in the middle of winter what makes you get out of bed? What makes you think yes, I won’t pull the duvet covers over my head. What motivates you to get up and Read more

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Has Goal Setting Had Its Day?

As an L&D professional I know it’s always good practice to end a development programme with some goal setting to look forwards and frame the next actions participants will take. When we check the impact after 3 months, some Read more

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7 ways to develop psychological safety for your team

Today I was walking with my 8-year-old son in the woods.  He is amazing at riding his bike, one-handed, standing up, sitting down, one leg and always asks to bring his bike on dog walks. Yet today we Read more

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Is Accountability an Evolutionary Concept?

Over the last 12 months, as a trainer and a coach, I have heard many comments and complaints that indicate (for some) 2020-21 may not be the most productive the UK has ever seen. Is it ok to put Read more

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The Impact of Furlough

Let’s be honest, the majority of us would kill to be furloughed………. for about 3 weeks!

I often have this discussion with my friends, those working and those struggling to fill their days because they are furloughed and may Read more

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How to Develop a Quiz Winning Mindset

Do you ever stop and think how far you have come, take time to reflect on the lessons you have learned along the way?  

It’s something we all know we should do but sometimes we are too busy being busy to Read more

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Evolving through the Pandemic

As I sit here, watching the news of the record highs of coronavirus cases, the future could look unsettling and bleak.  It made me think about what different views my friends and family have.  Whilst some couldn’t wait for Read more

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Are you certain?

I have noticed over the last 12 months or so that I have joined a new club. Its called the “women of a certain age” club. I don’t know how I joined it, have no idea what the criteria Read more

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It’s the thought that counts….

“Needing a strong positive mindset to handle uncertainty and change isn’t the prerogative of women you know – particularly at the moment!” said my friend and colleague Mark. I think he was slightly miffed and to be honest that we had focussed our Read more

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The Evolution of the 6 thinking habits…..

It started with a conversation, just a conversation in-between breaks at a leadership development workshop which Alison was the facilitator and I was the coach.  We shared our back stories and agreed how challenging and hectic life could be, Read more

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