Has Goal Setting Had Its Day?

As an L&D professional I know it’s always good practice to end a development programme with some goal setting to look forwards and frame the next actions participants will take. When we check the impact after 3 months, some have been inspired by the goals they set. Let’s be honest though others put them in a draw and got on with their day jobs!

Over the years I have seen much written about goal definition and how to set bigger and bolder goals. But recently I discovered a new way of looking at it. Why set a goal, which will focus your attention, but possibly limit your outcomes. Instead why not set a positive intention for your future, opening up a world of possibilities you cant even imagine right now?

Intentions Are Like Magnets

I would love to claim this as my own but it comes from a session I have been lucky enough to experience as part of refreshing my NLP Master Practitioner skills recently.  I chose this particular course because of one of the programme leaders, Robert Dilts, whose work on beliefs captured my interest and imagination in the early part of my NLP journey. Dilts continues to create amazing concepts and called our session: New Tools for a World in Transformation.  Over 3 days explored the impact of working with generative change.  Generative means to create something that has not existed before, meaning we can create things even when we don’t have an historical frame of reference to do so. The world really is our oyster, we just need to place the positive intention out there.

By placing our dreams and positive intentions in the future, we then allow our minds discover the path. Yes we may need support and resources, there may be barriers to overcome on the way but our mind will recognise what we need. With the intention firmly there in our future we act and know that we have got this! from this instant.  

Companies have missions, some of them incredibly powerful, which are broad intentions opening up a wealth of possibilities for the business and customers too.

Take Nike:

“Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.*
*If you have a body, you are an athlete.”

Or the simplicity of TED

“Spread ideas”

In a recent virtual meeting I asked Cathy if we could revisit our goal setting as I felt they needed more structure. With my new found passion for setting intentions why did I feel that, how would it help? For me, looking at our goals again wasn’t to spur us on or keep us motivated, it was so that we could better explore our progress so far.  In my opinion goal setting is good for that, setting markers and reviewing the effectiveness of activities. Intentions on the other hand have so much more power and help us focus on a bigger purpose.

At I Have Got This! we believe in everyone’s ability to thrive and evolve in uncertain and changing times. Our intention is to ensure as many people as possible have the tools to access that positive mindset. We want to help others to plant the intention for their futures ‘no matter what has happened in my life or what is to come, I Have Got This!’. That’s what gets me up in the morning and what makes long days worth it.

So whilst goal setting has its place, lets take it to the next level of change. Whats your positive intention for your future? We would love to know.

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