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Alison and Cathy are both coaching practitioners and offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring support as part of our Resilient Mindset programme and also as a stand alone offering.   

Coaching offers you a chance to explore challenges and goals on a focussed 1:1 basis and is a catalyst for change. Alison’s coaching specialises in building foundations of confidence and resilience using her NLP and Hypnotherapy skills. Cathy is an ICF accredited coach who brings her expertise to help you achieve the personal and professional goals.

We partner with you to provide a safe space to explore what is important to you and the barriers that are getting in the way.  Coaching is a great way to increase self-awareness, gain new perspectives, instil positive thinking habits and break down complexity into clear actions that will propel you forward.  Coaching is always future focussed, working towards your goals to make them reality.  

Y​our success is our success and we would be delighted to be your personal cheerleader and companion on your journey. 

Coaching and mentoring standalone packages are available and a discount is applied for those attending our Resilient Mindset programme.

For a no obligation consultation and chemistry session, please contact us.

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