How to Develop a Quiz Winning Mindset

Do you ever stop and think how far you have come, take time to reflect on the lessons you have learned along the way?  

It’s something we all know we should do but sometimes we are too busy being busy to recognise the value of doing it. I was given the gift of reflection last week when my WhatsApp started buzzing with friends telling me that Andy Warhol was wrong, I was actually going to get 30 minutes of fame because they were repeating my appearance on the Chase on primetime ITV during lockdown! Being on the Chase was one of the most exciting learning experiences of my life and so I decided to watch it again, with my I Have Got This! head on.  

I was proud to look back and see how this event in my life had contributed to the creation of the 6 cognitive habits that we know make up an I Have Got This mindset! 

I embrace change and personal growth (Habit #1) 

Why do people go on quiz shows? Perhaps it’s for the money, to challenge their brains or as it was in my case to step up and out of my comfort zone. It wasn’t about winning but it was about trying my hardest and doing the best I could. Yes, I did swot up on rivers, capitals and the kings and queens of England, but really the growth came from stepping into an unknown situation and making the best I could of it – which turned out to be pretty amazing though I say so myself!  

I value and care for myself (Habit #2)   

I am not going to say there weren’t nerves along the way but I was so proud of my inner voice during the show saying things like “not many people even make it this far well done” “enjoy it, it is such an experience” “you have done yourself proud whatever happens next” “deep breaths you can do it” and finally – “you won, that’s amazing!”. We all need a strong and positive inner voice to keep us going during challenging times!  

I am open and generous to others (Habit #3) 

Here I was definitely on the receiving end of this way of thinking. Normally the team would be my other four contestants but one by one they left me to it. I was supported though by the encouragement and generosity of the production crew and I can honestly say I felt I wasn’t alone with Bradley’s support, we were a team of two and sometimes that’s all you need to win. 

I am positive and optimistic (Habit #4) 

I could clearly see when I was left on my own that Bradley and the Chaser had no faith in my ability to win solo. When others doubt you, your own self-belief and positivity need to step up a gear. When Bradley asked me how many question’s I thought I could answer and I said 16, I wanted to reach for the moon. The only thing on reflection is that I now think I should have said 20, who knows what score I might have got if I had reached for the stars!! 

I am motivated and driven (Habit #5) 

Five thousand pounds is definitely a prize worth having, but money is an extrinsic motivator and whilst I did have some fun with it, it didn’t last forever. Two things have stayed with me though and I draw on them regularly: 

“You lecture in confidence?” asked the Beast, looming above me before his part of the final chase. “You should use this as your showreel!”  What a compliment!  

And the smile on Bradley’s face and the big hug he gave me when I won, priceless, motivating and everlasting! 

I am bold and courageous (Habit #6) 

And last but by no means least, how many people have watched quiz shows and thought, maybe I should go on one or had friends suggest you should try? And then nothing ever happens! 

Being bold and courageous is about taking that leap, the first step into the unknown. To be fair I think there were a number of bold leaps throughout the process of being on the Chase, I think that is something they look for in contestants. I stood out of my comfort zone and what an amazing experience I had!

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