Evolving through the Pandemic

As I sit here, watching the news of the record highs of coronavirus cases, the future could look unsettling and bleak.  It made me think about what different views my friends and family have.  Whilst some couldn’t wait for last year to be over, others clung onto the hope that the new vaccine would fix it all.  Some however focused on the positives like having the ability of spending time with their children which they might never have had an opportunity to do.

We all see the world differently and take different things from the same situation.  I Have Got This! is all about mindset growth.  So how do you start to make changes in how you see the world?

Understanding our programming

Our amazing brains primary function is to keep us safe.  It relies on ‘data’ of past knowledge and experience to predict what is going to happen next. However change brings uncertainty and unpredictability. When this happens our brain believes we are in danger and can put us on high alert ready to fight, run or freeze. This stress response we know as anxiety or depression in todays world. 

In these times, change is unavoidable but it doesn’t mean its unsafe.  Our role is to acknowledge what our brain is trying to tell us and thank it for trying to protect us but then take back control of our thinking. 

Fixed vs growth mindset.

So once we understand our programming, what then differentiates those who not only survive change but thrive?  It’s all about having a growth mindset.  A fixed mindset may keep us stuck looking for that predictability that our minds crave, afraid of change, keeping to our ‘normal’ and thinking we don’t have the skills to deal with it.  A growth mindset embraces change, looks for opportunity and positives in any situation, knowing they have the ability to cope no matter what.

So when you listen to the news, are you stuck in thinking the future is set and we just have to ‘get through it’ or seizing the opportunities that could be out there, growing and evolving?  Life will eventually find a new balance and ‘normal’ but how that looks to you is entirely in your hands.

As we are at a start of a new year, think about whether you adopt more a fixed or growth mindset and what changes you can make to move to growth?  Or why not join one of our programmes to thrive and evolve through change and be the best version of you!

Cathy Lawson

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