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Do you have an Abundant Mindset?

Do we naturally have an abundant mindset as human beings? It’s a question I have asked myself a lot over the last couple of years as we have seen situations when there is a perceived or real resource shortage (toilet roll, petrol, covid jabs). Whilst I didn’t stock pile toilet roll, I did queue for petrol when I had slightly less than half a tank or petrol, even though in normal circumstances I happily drive 10 miles or more after the petrol warning light comes on. I did get extra LFT’s before Christmas as we had lots of visits planned (turns out we didn’t need them as we were among those who spent Christmas in isolation). More broadly, away from the impact of the pandemic I will admit it….. I have also had a little voice in my head at times wondering if someone else’s great news about a business success means there is one less opportunity for me.

Why do we panic?

Let’s face it the media doesn’t help. Pictures of queues, empty shelves, stockpilers all make us wonder if we should follow suit. But it’s not just external factors that make us anxious.

If we think there is a finite amount of resources/opportunity out there, we may start to feel worry whether there is enough to go around. It’s all about the fear response. We go into survival mode in our minds and so our brains go into overdrive focussing on how to protect ourselves.

Unless we take a step back and see the bigger picture, fight, flight and freeze kicks in. We go from a community of connected humans to something from a dystopic sci fi movie. It’s a built-in reaction which, at I Have Got This, we believe we can overcome by developing a more resilient, mentally strong mindset.

How an Abundant Mindset can help

An abundant mindset is about seeing possibility even in adverse conditions. By coming together and keeping our minds open we can explore a wider range of options.

When we think using an abundant perspective, we start feel in control, even in challenging times. This allows us to relax in mind and body. When we do that we are better placed to come up with new and creative solutions to existing problems.  

By collaborating rather than competing we also benefit from what Kilmann calls the integrative dimension in his work on conflict management (https://kilmanndiagnostics.com/about/). An abundant mentality involves utilising the diverse perspectives that can be available to us, to come up with an optimal solution that satisfies as many people as possible.

How to build an Abundant Mindset

  • Stop and think

Our thoughts are powerful. So if you are having a scarcity moment – take a moment to recognise what thoughts are circulating in your mind and then consciously refocus away from perceived (or actual) scarcity. Ask yourself, what is available, what is possible, what can be done? This way you move away from a reactive to a proactive mindset and begin to find a way forwards.

  • Broaden your perspectives

Understanding more about our world is always helpful. Try seeing the bigger picture so that you can put what can often be small worries in a larger context.

  • Daily gratitude

Gratitude focusses our minds on what we have, not what could be missing (that probably isn’t). Over time that switch in thinking will become an unconscious and beneficial way of looking at the world.

  • Recognise your impact on others

If you have a scarcity mentality, take time to observe how others react to you. Observe the impact that an ‘it’s all about my needs’ mindset has on those around you. Ask yourself, is this the best way to get things done?

  • Be open generous to others

Do you feel connected and part of a team or do you feel that you are on your own and you are the only person you can trust (a potentially stressful place to be)? As human beings we are meant to be part of a tribe, all making our own unique contributions to a bigger purpose. Even those who value their independence recognise the benefits of coming together at times.

  • Develop an optimistic outlook

Put bluntly, most challenges are not permanent, the impact isn’t everywhere and the focus isn’t entirely on you! We can learn to be more optimistic thanks to the work of people like Martin Seligman (Learned Optimism).

Yes, we are living in challenging times, so let’s make sure our mindset puts us in the best place to help ourselves and others thrive. An abundant mentality will be an excellent place to start.

About Us

I Have Got This is a way of thinking that no matter what challenges or changes you are going through, you know that you are in control and will find a way to navigate through it and flourish. It is a resilient mindset, empowering you to not only thrive in challenging times but also to consistently strive to be the best version of yourself.

Through our coaching and development programmes, using our 6 cognitive habits, we will help you change your mindset and develop the self-confidence, agility and resilience to embrace change and thrive. Click here to find out more.

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