6 Ways to Build a Change Proof Organisational Mindset

Our mindset is our view of the world. It influences our thoughts and actions on a daily basis. At I Have Got This our work is based around mindset growth, empowering individuals and teams to think differently about their work and lives. We encourage a curious, what CAN we do? change proof attitude that gets things done no matter what is happening in the world around us.

In August and September 2021 we decided to explore how the pandemic and the significant changes in the last 18 months had impacted on businesses. In our whitepaper (The 21st century mindset – the key to business success) we explored through conversations and research what has made a difference to an organisations performance and what comes next.

Discovering the Challenges

We identified a range of individual perspectives from feeling stuck to embracing the challenges that the pandemic has presented people with. There was clear evidence of both fixed and growth mindsets, even within the same team. This presented a wide range of challenges for businesses identifying how to change proof those who worked for them to embrace the potential challenges ahead.

Our studies pointed to a need for mindset growth at the leadership level within organisations. There is a need for new ways of working for managers and leaders. Teams may be geographically distanced but need to feel valued and motivated. A less hands on, more coaching approach seems to be key, with a mindset that focusses on achievement rather than time spent.  

It was also clear that senior leadership thinking has the power to influence everyone within the organisation – setting the tone for success or failure. Is it time to batten down the hatches and ride this out, or are there changes needed and opportunities available that will make the future a bumpy but prosperous journey? Whether businesses have succeeded or struggled has been significantly influenced by the overall mindset of the organisation. This mindset starts at the top, but can be found resonating in every layer of the business.

Change Proofing the Way We Think

Predictions for economic growth and opportunity continue, however as an IFS report  (October 2021) put it, we should expect ‘a wildly imbalanced recovery’. The economy is likely to ‘significantly reconfigure in the next 18 months’. This means the businesses that succeed will need an organisational mindset that is change proof and ready for whatever is ahead.

At I Have Got This we work with 6 thinking habits which were originally developed to empower individuals to navigate change and uncertainty. We have found during our research that an organisational mindset based on our 6 cognitive habits will also be key.

6 Habits That Make A Difference

These 6 ways of thinking and viewing the world will ensure that an organisations mindset is change proof and able to thrive in uncertain times.

  1. To survive and thrive, organisations are agile, able to change and grow.
  2. An organisations most valuable asset is its people. It is critical that they are valued and supported.
  3. An abundance mentality is key to business success. This encourages open communication and a collaborative culture.
  4. A positive and optimistic perspective will ensure that possibilities are identified and innovation encouraged within the organsation.
  5. Organisations have a clear vision and purpose which everyone can relate to. This will motivate and drive the business forwards.
  6. In an ever changing world, the organisations that take bold and courageous leaps will be the ones that succeed.

So how can you develop this empowering way of thinking within your organisation?

Mindset growth works the same was as physical strength, it needs to be worked on little and often. The mental strength of an organisation can only be developed by regular practice over time. This way of thinking needs to be integrated into every aspect of the organisation, until it becomes the culture and heart of the business.

The IHGT approach to developing mental strength is Bootcamp style for exactly this reason. Our development programmes are integrated into the working day of teams, stretching and challenging on a daily basis, forming empowering thinking habits. This is how you build the mental muscle in your organisation that will contribute to an organisational mindset that says – We Have Got This!

I Have Got This! offers a range of mindset growth programmes to help individuals and teams navigate change and uncertainty. Through our boot camps and workshops using our 6 cognitive habits, we will help you change your mindset and develop the self-confidence, agility and resilience to embrace change and thrive. Click here to find out more.

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