I have got this

I Have Got This is a women only extensive 3-month virtual training and coaching programme which focuses on the 6 cognitive habits that empowers you to thrive and evolve in times of change. 

We recognise that when women experience a significant amount of change in their lives, for example returning from maternity or a career break, illness or changes at home or work, it can alter how you see the world.  This in turn can affect motivation, confidence and how you interact with your team which can lead you to feeling stuck, frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed.  No matter what challenges you face and where your starting point is, we will work with you to take control and gain the confidence to seize the opportunities in our changing world.    

We start by opening your mind to possibility and growth before running a series of workshops and coaching sessions of self-discovery and learning.  We then embed and reinforce the new perspectives and tools that build an I Have Got This mindset for long lasting change.  This not only helps you to gain control now but makes you resourceful and resilient to handle whatever life throws at you in the future....

We offer this as an open course or as specifically tailored programmes for your businesses such as supporting Diversity and Inclusion programmes, change and restructures and building your female talent pipeline.

Your journey to self discovery by week...

Unfreeze.... opening up the mindset 


I have got this! introduction

 Intention setting to get the best from the programme



1:1 session to set you up for success with self awareness postwork


Have you got this?

Exploring the 6 cognitive habits and personal areas of focus


The power of belief

How we can remove limiting beliefs and strengthening positive ones.


Embracing uncertainty

Embracing change and thriving during uncertainty

Forming habits with 
knowledge, tools and action.... 


Be Resilient

Developing bouncebackability and exploring a range of resiliance tools


Be Confident

Building and anchoring confidence to tackle any situation


Group coaching

Reflecting on progress and establishing next steps


Be Resourceful

Taking a proactive approach to life, stretching your comfort zone


Be Value Driven

Understanding and exploring the power of values and value driven choices


Be Your Best

Understanding your skills, capabilities and value in work and life

Refreeze.... embedding the mindset 


Version 2.0

Reflecting on progress and anticipating future changes


You Have Got This!

Celebrating progress and goal setting for future success



1:1 session to set you on your way

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