A New Year Mindset

New Year is the time when we check in on ourselves, reflecting on achievements, lessons learned and making resolutions and setting goals for the year to come. I have seen some great blogs with challenging questions that will help us as humans grow (if we approach it with honesty) and I would like to thank those who have taken the time to write them.

At I Have Got This, we want to offer people a different perspective to consider as we move into 2022.

What do you think as you begin the new year?

Are you full of optimism and courage, ready to embrace the year ahead or are you crossing your fingers that things may be easier in 2022?

Have you had enough of all the change and just wish things would go back to ‘normal’ or are you intrigued to see what possibilities maybe open to you and those around you as the change continues?

Your new year mindset will shape the year you have, we know that. Everything is created first in the mind and then in reality so you have a wonderful opportunity to focus yourself in a confident and positive way as the new year begins.  You can choose your thoughts and change your perspective in a way that way you can set yourself on the path to success.

I doubt if anyone can predict the year ahead and in fact, I wonder this year if anyone will even try. Our world is constantly changing and there will be some challenges ahead for many of us I am sure. What we need is a resilient mindset that says no matter what happens, bring it on!   

A new year mindset that says:

I will adapt to the situation’s I face

I will value and care for myself

I will be open to those around me

I will be positive and optimistic

I will keep going no matter what

I will be bold and courageous

To help you explore this further why not take our free diagnostic to measure yourself against 6 thinking habits that build a resilient mindset.

Your path through 2022 starts with how you think.  Do you think ‘I Have Got This?’

About I Have Got This: We help individuals think differently by developing mental strength and resilience. Our training and coaching programmes build cognitive (thinking) habits that empower people to be our best selves on a daily basis.

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