I have got this

2022 Learning Week
Surfing the waves of change 

To support mental health month, we are running a free virtual learning week starting 17th October 2022.  We will have speakers that inspire and share strategies to help people build their mental strength and resilience.  

Change is inevitable and although we can't stop the waves, we can move from navigating the waves to learning to surf and view them as a thrilling learning  experience.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

– ​​Jon Kabat-Zinn


Alongside talks by Alison Burgess and Cathy Lawson of I Have Got This we are delighted to be joined by a range of speakers who will help us explore how we can improve our resilience and mental strength. These include 

Kate Greenslade

Mindfulness and transformational coach Kate Greenslade will help us explore and discover our potential

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Dr Lynda Shaw

Neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw will share how we can recalibrate our thinking to embrace

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Zoe Bennett

Also known as the Motivational Queen, Zoe will share her own experiences of the challenges of change and how she stays motivated and driven

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To find out more and to book a place on any of these sessions click here. Your booking not only guarantees a place but in most cases, it also gives you access to the recordings for an additional 30 days.   

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